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Attention Parents!

TeachingGreen is happy to announce the launch of South Bay Eco Kids,
a brand new nature camp right here in Redondo Beach, CA. The first of its kind in the South Bay and surrounding areas, it will be the one and only
quality educational nature camp for kids.

Starting this summer, we will be welcoming children ages 6 - 8 to come
play and learn with us at Wilderness Park. With full and half-day
options at affordable prices, we want to make it easy to
get children outdoors where they can thrive.

So this summer, let's give kids a break from the consumer-driven,
indoor, digital lifestyle, and let them frolic in the joys of nature.
Let's help them appreciate the natural world and show them
how they can each help to protect it.

For more information and to register, visit www.southbayecokids.org.

South Bay Eco Kids Nature Camp