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Inside The Green Life


Driving Style
Vehicle Maintenance 
Transportation choices The Green Life
Alternative Fuel and Advanced Technology Vehicles


Organic & Local
Sustainable Seafood

Home & Garden

Whole House
Energy Use: General      
Energy Use: Home Heating      
Energy Use: Air Conditioning
Energy Use: Hot Water
Energy Use: Appliances
Energy Use: Lighting 
Electricity Consumption, Cost and CO2 Emissions (Appliances)
Household CO2 Savings
Indoor Water Use 
Outdoor Water Use
Water Pollution
Energy and Water Use Log

Solid Waste

Paper products 
Plastic products 
The Low-Down on Plastics 

Household Hazardous Waste

Cleaners, paints and other toxic household chemicals
Universal waste (including e-waste)
Common Household Hazardous Waste Products
Natural, Nontoxic Pest Control Techniques

Additional Features

Additional Resources for Green Living 


Sustainability Improvement Plan (S.I.P.)


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