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Growing Up Green Tots

Are you a preschool or kindergarten teacher? Do you believe in protecting the environment for the sake of your students' future? Do you want to empower them to become stewards of the environment that they will depend on throughout their lifetime? Yes?!

Then look no further than TeachingGreen’s Growing Up Green Tots program! Officially endorsed by actor and environmental leader Ed Begley Jr., this program is the first program of its kind in this country.

Growing Up Green Tots makes it EASY for you to create a green and healthy classroom experience for your students. With minimal time and effort, you will be able to create a culture of conservation in your classroom, where waste is minimized, indoor air quality is improved, and Mother Nature is given the attention and respect that she deserves.

You may very well already be implementing some green practices in your classroom, such as The Compost Kidrecycling, reusing trash for art projects, using non-toxic cleaners, etc. Or you may just be starting to think about making your classroom a more environmentally-friendly place. Either way, we do all of the research and the bulk of the work to make your classroom as green and healthy as it can possibly be.

To be clear, this program is NOT about making children feel guilty about the impact they are having on the environment. Rather, it's about celebrating nature and creating a culture of conservation in the classroom. It's about modeling environmentally-sound, everyday-life decision-making to the youngest members of our society so that reducing, reusing, and recycling becomes a natural way of life for them.

If you would like to receive this program that will make it EASY for you to create a green and healthy classroom for your students, just fill out and submit the form below. Thanks for your interest and happy greening!

Inside the Program

Green & Healthy Classroom Pledge Sheet

  • Post the pledge sheet on the classroom wall to help focus efforts in the areas of solid waste, water and energy conservation, and indoor air quality

Classroom Signage

  • Four cute laminated characters serve as visual reminders to Tots tomorrowminimize waste of water, paper, food and energy
  • Colorful, CUSTOM-MADE laminated signs for the classroom waste bins clearly label what belongs in the garbage, recycling and compostables bins
  • Laminated signs to make a hat and/or a flag for the Compost Kid (each school day, the Compost Kid gets to walk with an adult to the compost bin to dump the day’s compostable waste)

Green Tips & Resources Guide

  • From snack time, to craft time to clean up time, here's everything you need to know to run a green and healthy classroom

Hands-On Activities

  • Craft Time!
    By reusing everyday things, and making use of objects found in nature, these fun activities minimize waste, introduce students to the idea of reusing, and bring nature into the classroomEd Begley Jr
  • Science Activities

  • Fieldtrip!
    Whether it’s a trip to the mountains, the beach or an urban wilderness park, these fun ideas will help your students get the most out of their fieldtrip experience

Circle Time!

  • Entertain your students with these wonderful books and songs about wildlife, trees, gardening, and other nature-related topics
  • Includes a music CD with songs your students will love about wildlife, nature and Earth Day

Earth Day Unit

  • Celebrating Earth Day is easy and fun with this all-inclusive five-day unit; each day stands alone and addresses a different topic – introduction to Earth Day, water, litter, recycling and reusing – so you can choose to do one or all

Engaging ParentsTeachable Moments

  • Dear Parents... (a program overview for parents)
    Include these guidelines in your Parent Orientation Packet to familiarize parents with classroom expectations related to recycling, reusing, reducing and composting food waste, avoiding disposable items, modeling conservation behaviors, procurement of craft materials, etc.

  • Parent Orientation Speech
    Use this overview at your parent orientation meeting to explain the program to your parents

  • Parent Survey
    Measure the impact of the program by asking parents to complete this survey at the start and end of theschool year

  • Parent NewslettersEarly brain development
    These quarterly newsletters help engage parents in the program by providing helpful advice for going green at home and involving their children in the process (including delightful stickers to remind everyone to conserve water, energy and paper at home)

  • Guidelines for the Parent Ambassador
    Your designated Parent Ambassador will help you with everything from recycling to organizing a classroom swap

  • Guidelines and Supporting Materials to run a Successful Children’s Swap
    A fun community exercise in reusing, a swap event saves families money on kids' clothing, toys and gear, while extending the useful life of consumer goods

Certification Checklist

  • Become a Bronze, Silver or Gold "Growing Up Green" Certified Classroom!